Electricity production grows by 23% in June ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: (Reuters/Scanpix)

In June domestic electricity production increased by 23% to 663 gigawatt-hours compared to the same month last year. Consumption fell by 1% to 566 GWh, which means an excess production of 17%.

Total domestic electricity production fell by 3% to 4,520 GWh over the last six months, while consumption increased by 3% to 4,284 GWh over the same time period.

Production based on fossil fuels increased by 32% in June, while electricity from alternative sources shrank by 11%. Wind parks produced 24% less compared to June 2015, while hydroelectric production increased by 46%.

The share of renewable energy in total domestic consumption reached 15%.

Transit volumes of the Estonian network decreased by 36% to a total of 342 GWh.

Electricity production across all Baltic States increased by 19% year on year, while consumption remained at the same level. The countries’ gross deficit shrank by 27% to 570 GWh, which is 30% of their total electricity consumption in the same month.

In the Nordic Countries electricity production decreased by 12% year on year, consumption shrank by 4%. The production balance of the countries was at a 67-GWh deficit, while a year ago they had reported overproduction amounting to 2,271 GWh.

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