Kallas: Kaljurand’s decision not to stand for Riigikogu ballot rounds ‘certainly positive’ ({{commentsTotal}})

After Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand (independent) suggested on Wednesday that he should be the party’s choice for candidate in the parliamentary ballot rounds of the coming presidential election, former EU commissioner Siim Kallas said that though he was hopeful, getting elected in the Riigikogu wouldn’t be easy.

Kallas said he hadn’t yet decided whether or not he would be candidate for election in the electoral college as well. Kaljurand suggested yesterday that if the Riigikogu didn’t manage to elect the next head of state, she would be ready to come in as a candidate in the electoral college.

The Estonian president is elected by the Riigikogu if the MPs manage to agree on a candidate in three ballot rounds or less. If the election in parliament doesn’t produce a result, an electoral college convenes that consists of representatives of the country’s parishes as well as the members of parliament.

To ERR’s online news, Kallas said that Kaljurand’s decision was “certainly positive”, and meant one uncertain factor less in the Riigikogu’s ballot rounds in August. He is now waiting for his party’s official endorsement, which is expected to come after a leadership meeting on Aug. 3.

Kallas said that the unity of the party’s parliamentary group was essential for him to get elected. “Getting through the Riigikogu isn’t an easy task. There are a few advantages and possibilities. It isn’t impossible, it isn’t certain, but there’s hope, otherwise there wouldn’t be a point in going on,” Kallas said.

Kallas assumes that on the first day of the elections the parties will concentrate on establishing their own candidates, and that potential deals among the parties would only come out on the second day after the second ballot.

He added that talks about potential cooperation had been going on for the past six months. “Talking to people and getting a positive response is one thing, that’s pleasant, but not enough for any kind of final conclusion. There have been a lot of talks,” Kallas said.

The first ballot round of this year’s presidential elections is scheduled for Aug. 29.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn