Reps might withdraw if agreeable common candidate found ({{commentsTotal}})

The Center Party’s choice for the presidential elections, MP Mailis Reps, said that she wouldn’t exclude the possibility of withdrawing if a good candidate for president could be found the parties could all agree on.

Reps told ERR’s online news that she did indeed see a chance for herself to become president, but that her party didn’t exclude any candidate. There was a rather wide choice now, she said, with Eiki Nestor having advantages, but also Allar Jõks. It was now a matter of negotiations between the parties, she added.

The Center Party had made its expectations and conditions clear, and what needed to change in the Estonian society, and what they had they would contribute as well, Reps said, mentioning both administrative and economic reform.

All parties, the Center Party included, were currently waiting and would start meeting others after Aug. 3, when the ruling Reform Party made its candidate known.

Reps expects all 27 MPs of her party to support her candidacy and nominate her for the election. “We discussed this last week and unanimously found that we had 27 votes,” she said.

She also expressed a preference for the electoral college. She said that she had been putting her work and energy into this as well.

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