Estonian student-owned business seeks sweet victory in annual international competition ({{commentsTotal}})

The team behind student-owned Estonian sweets company Spoony practicing their sales pitch during a layover in Munich en route to Switzerland. June 25, 2016. Source: (Private library)

Traveling from Tallinn to Switzerland on Monday to compete against winning student teams from 34 other countries for the title of Junior Achievement Europe's Company of the Year Competition (COYC16), student-owned Estonian sweets business Spoony has also found itself neck and neck with the Icelandic team in the race for the competition's Social Media Audience Award just one night before the latter's voting deadline.

Estonian firm Spoony, which has already won innovation and best product awards from SEB Bank and Ajujaht, Estonia's largest competition of business ideas, offers treats on a wooden spoon meant to be melted in hot milk or other hot beverages, including flavors such as marshmallow-white chocolate, peppermint-milk chocolate and vegan-friendly rum-, coffee- or raspberry-dark chocolate.

This year's COYC16 competition, which will include over 200 young entrepreneurs making up the best teams selected from each of 35 European countries, will be taking place from in the Swiss city of Lucerne from July 25-28. Winning Estonian student firm Spoony will be represented by founding members Hannah Caroline Segerkrantz and Kaspar Kruus as well as Juhan Kokla and Christopher Roosla.

In addition to the title of Company of the Year, COYC16 will also be handing out a Social Media Audience Award to the team with the most "likes" on their photo in the JA Europe album Vote for your favourite #COYC16 team on Facebook.

Speaking to ERR News en route to the competition with the team, JA Eesti student mentor trainer Madis Vodja noted that as the the social media competition was slated to end on Tuesday, July 26, every additional "like" would be of a great help to the team.

"Estonia has caught up rapidly to Iceland and is currently even a few dozen votes ahead, but it still keeps going back and forth right now," he explained.

According to the organization's website, JA Europe was formed in 2001 by the merger of Young Enterprise Europe and Junior Achievement International Europe, and the firm cooperates with the education and business communities as well as various governments to provide grade-school through university-level youth with skill- and competence-building experiences that will benefit them in the future.

Estonian student-owned firm Spoony can be voted for through Tuesday by following this link and clicking "like" undernearth the team's group photo.

Editor: Editor: Aili Sarapik

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