Rapid response patrols removed from Tallinn Airport ({{commentsTotal}})

K9 unit patrolling at Tallinn Airport. Source: (Rene Suurkaev/ERR)

The Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) made the call on Monday to call back the two rapid response patrols from Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport a week after a bomb threat had been called in by an anonymous caller.

After a bomb threat was called in to Tallinn Airport and the Estonian Internal Security Service (KaPo) during the early hours of Monday, July 25, police rapid response teams, together with a police K9, patrolled the aiport while police carrying extra arms patrolled the capital city's port and city center.

A border guard patrol will remain more visible at the airport, however the rapid response patrols have been called back and the PPA does not find their presence in the city center and at the port necessary any longer, a PPA spokesperson told Estonian news portal Delfi (link in Estonian).

Sometime after 2 a.m. early last Monday morning, Tallinn Airport and Estonia's Internal Security Service (KaPo) received calls from a man calling himself a member of the Islamic State group, or Daesh, who announced his intention to blow up a plane en route from Tallinn to Germany within a week. The calls were made in English, from an Estonian cell phone number located on Estonian territory.

Immediately after receiving the call, the police conducted an extra security check in Tallinn Airport and on its outbound flights. Security measures were stepped up as well, with two rapid response patrols and a police K9 patrolling the airport and police carrying visible support weapons patrolling the city center and port.

The KaPo immediately opened a criminal investigation into the threat against aviation safety, the proceeding of which will be directed by the Office of the Prosecutor General. State Prosecutor Inna Ombler noted that they did not have any other information indicative of imminent danger beyond the phone call, however they took all such threats seriously.

"Although Daesh has not given advance warning of its attacks, we're stepping up security measures and have begun an operation to capture the person who made the threat," KaPo Deputy Director Aleksander Toots said on Monday.

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