Estonian minister: Culture plays important role in balancing restless world ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian Minister of Culture Indrek Saar met with the country's former culture ministers on Saturday to discuss the role that culture plays in balancing an uneasy world.

Meeting on the Western Estonian island of Saaremaa on Saturday, the former ministers recognized that the more tumultuous of a state the world is in, the more important culture becomes, as it helps counterbalance restlessness and offers positive emotions.

"We have to recognize that during rapid changes, the people's need to consume culture increases," said Saar at the meeting. "This means that the state and local municipalities cannot make [budget] cuts at the expense of culture," he added, referring to the upcoming state reform.

"Present decisions influence the most in what kind of country we will be living in years from now," the minister noted. He stated that the Estonian Ministry of Culture has proposed that local governments be responsible for organizing local cultural and sports life, while the administrative reform should guarantee sufficient resources for their support.

Saturday's meeting of the country's current and past culure ministers was the second of its kind to take place. Former Ministers of Culture to participate in the meting included Urve Tiidus, Rein Lang, Laine Randjärv, Raivo Palmaru, Urmas Paet, Margus Allikmaa, Signe Kivi, Mart Kubo and Paul-Eerik Rummo.

Editor: Editor: Aili Sarapik

Source: BNS