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The Estonian flag is already flying at Rio's Olympic Village, where the Estonian delegation was officially accepted on Monday night. Days before the 2016 Summer Olympics kick off, Martti Raju, head of the Estonian Olympic delegation, said that their team has not encountered any major problems so far.

Representatives of the Estonian team's athletes, trainers as well as support personnel took part in a traditional welcome ceremony in Rio's Olympic Village on Monday night. According to Raju, the raising of the Estonian flag at the village was a greeting. "We have officially been accepted to the Olympic Village; that is what this ceremony is for," Raju told ETV's sports broadcast.

While not all countries' delegations have been satisfied with the conditions and newly constructed facilities in Rio de Janeiro, Raju confirmed that everything has been going smoothly for Estonia's athletes. "On the sports side of things there have not been any problems," he said. "Everyone has gotten their things going, and have found their training sites. While this or that could be better, there is nothing wrong with the Olympic Village."

The athletes themselves cannot complain about living conditions in the village either. "We're living well," said fencer Irina Embrich. "There are no problems, everything is more or less clean. We hope that this will continue."

Fencers will already begin to compete on the Games' first day on August 6. "I believe that everyone is ready," added Embrich. "How we do, that is difficult to predict."

The first Estonian to begin competing in Rio will be archer Laura Nurmsalu, who will participate in the archery preliminaries taking place on Friday afternoon, a day ahead of the Games' opening ceremony.

The 2016 Summer Olympics, formally known as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, will take place in the Brazilian capital of Rio de Janeiro from August 5-21. Estonia's delegation includes nearly 50 athletes as well as nearly as many support staff.

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