Iraqi refugee family settled in coastal town of Kunda ({{commentsTotal}})

An Iraqi family of five that arrived in Estonia from Greece this week has been settled in the town of Kunda on Estonia's northern coast, reported Estonian regional newspaper Virumaa Teataja.

According to Kunda Mayor Kaido Veski, the news of the refugee family's arrival came unexpectedly. "It was quite a surprise," said the mayor. "This information only came to us on Tuesday morning."

While refugees who arrived in Estonia earlier were primarily settled in major urban areas, the authorities chose a smaller town instead this time for the Iraqi family, noted the paper, adding that Kunda stands out in the successful integration of its Estonian- and Russian-speaking communities.

In choosing future homes for refugees, accessibility of local services as well as work and study opportunities are taken into consideration, explained a spokesperson for the Ministry of Social Affairs, adding that refugees arriving in Estonia are settled in different places across the country rather than into the same area. As offices of the local government, the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund as well as the Social Insurance Board are located 15 kilometers, or just over 9 miles, away from Kunda, the Iraqi family was settled in that town.

The five-member family arrived in Estonia from Greece under the European migrant relocation plan on Tuesday. According to spokespeople for the Ministry of the Interior, the family consists of a father, mother and three children. The father has been trained as an electrician and has worked in that profession, while the mother has been a homemaker.

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Source: BNS