It’s dog for dinner in Pärnu: The Monomaffia theatre festival begins ({{commentsTotal}})

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In Pärnu, the Monomaffia international theatre festival is about to begin. The festival focuses primarily on the actor as the centerpiece of every performance, without whom theatre couldn’t take place.

Single performances allow for a special and intimate connection between the actor and their audience. As the actor performs alone, the role of the audience in the play becomes particularly important. Nothing can be hidden, and the attention of the spectators concentrates singularly on the person on stage and the details of their actions.

This year’s festival will begin with singer and actor Lauri Saatpalu’s performance of Yevgeni Grishkovets’ play “How I ate a dog” (“Kuidas ma koera sõin”) on Thursday Aug. 18. The festival lasts from Aug. 18 to 20.

The festival’s site has no up-to-date English content, but the Estonian program overview is understandable enough. It can be found here.

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