Kaljurand meets U.S. delegation, expresses hope TTIP gets signed soon ({{commentsTotal}})

Left to right: Ambassador James D. Melville, senators Bill Nelson and Chris Coons, Marina Kaljurand, Congressman Pat Meehan, Senator Gary Peters, and Congressman Charlie Dent. Source: (Välisministeerium)

Minister of Foreign Affairs Marina Kaljurand (independent) and members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives met in Tallinn on Thursday. They discussed matters of security, cooperation in NATO, and the relations between the European Union and the Unit

Kaljurand said that the U.S. was a key partner and ally to Estonia in NATO, whose support for Estonia has been very important and visible since regaining independence, spokespeople for the Estonian Foreign Ministry told the Baltic News Service.

On the subject of transatlantic relations, the minister and the members of Congress discussed the ongoing negotiations concerning the TTIP free trade treaty between the EU and the United States. Kaljurand emphasized the importance of the treaty for both sides and expressed hope that the treaty would be concluded during the tenure of the present U.S. administration.

“Signing the treaty would help to significantly invigorate transatlantic economic relations and would speed up economic growth,” the minister said.

Another subject on the agenda of the meeting was the continuation of the sanctions against Russia, as well as relations with Russia. Kaljurand stressed that the sanctions had to continue until Russia meets its obligations.

Kaljurand and the members of Congress also discussed the developing situation after the British referendum to leave the EU.

The Congress delegation included senators Christopher A. Coons, Gary Peters, and Bill Nelson, and congressmen Charlie Dent and Pat Meehan.


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Source: BNS

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