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“Pretenders” by Vallo Toomla will compete in the New Directors category of this year’s San Sebastian Film Festival from Sept. 16-24.

The film is the first Estonian production ever to make it into the selection of the prestigious festival, where it will screened before an international audience. All films selected for the category were admitted on the condition that they would be screened for the first time at the San Sebastian Festival. In Estonia, the film will premiere on Oct. 6.

“We are very happy that we’ve been chosen for such an important film festival’s program. To be part of such a dignified selection alone is a great achievement for Estonian film,” said Riina Sildos, the film’s producer. “We’re hoping to surprise the audience, because the Estonian language will be quite a surprise at the most important film festival of the Spanish-speaking world.”

The category’s purpose is to promote new talents in the film scene. The €50,000 prize is awarded by an international jury and shared between the winning entry’s director and its Spanish distributor. A second prize in the category, the EROSKI Youth Award, is awarded by a jury made up of 300 students.

Director Vallo Toomla, actress Mirtel Pohla, and producer Riina Sildos will appear at the festival.

Toomla has stood out before with his works as a student. His first short film, “Morbius”, was chosen the best film of the “Sleepwalkers” short film edition of the PÖFF festival. “Pretenders” was written by duo Livia Ulman and Andris Felmanis, who have created two successful TV series as well as a short film together.

The main characters in the film are played by Mirtel Pohla and Priit Võigemast. Mari Abel, Meelis Rämmeld, Laine Mägi, and Andres Lepik also play in the film. Internationally renowned cutter Danielius Kokanauskis and sound director Vladimir Golovnitski also contributed.

“Pretenders” was filmed in a seaside villa by architects Emil Urbel and Tiina Mang.

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