Unexpected savings make repair of additional 220 km of roads possible ({{commentsTotal}})

Deputy director general of the Road Administration Kaupo Sirk said in ETV’s “Terevisioon” on Monday morning that several road construction projects had turned out cheaper than expected.

Sirk said that because of increased competition among construction companies, prices were currently lower than expected, which saved enough money to build or fix another 220 km of roads.

One of the sites that profited the most from this was the freeway interchange close to Põrguvälja, some 6 km out of Tallinn, which at the moment was affecting the speed limit on the Tallinn-Tartu freeway, Sirk added.

The border crossing points would also get finished earlier than planned thanks to the extra money available.

“Planned objects didn’t use up as much. We’re planning to do repair work on 220 km of roads until the end of the year, 50 km of which tarmac,” Sirk said.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn