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As we all know, the first week of September tends to be hectic, especially as it heralds the beginning of the new school year for many grade school and university students alike, but it is also important for one to find some time to take a break and relax as well. Here are the culture critics' weekly recommendations on how best to do so this week.

Saturday, Aug. 27 - Friday, Oct. 9

Exhibition “Silence – Darkness. If we know what was, do we know what will come?”

Tallinn Art Hall

This international exhibition at Tallinn Art Hall brings together the work of nine artists whose work speaks not just about the hopes and dreams of an ideal world, but also its inevitable changes and ideological failures.

Tuesday, Aug. 30

Concerts by Estonian artists: Heili Rosin and ensemble Fresh

House of the Blackheads, Tallinn

Flautist Heili Rosin the ensemble Fresh, consisting of Egert Leinsaar on the violin, Karin Sarv on the viola, and Villu Vihermäe on the cello, will perform music by J. Feld, T. Takemitsu, F. E. Fesca and W. A. Mozart.

Towermusic 2016: Silver Sepp

St. John's Church, Tartu

Tartu's Towermusic concert series takes place in a special intimate atmosphere — in the tower of Tartu’s St. John’s Church, on its organ balcony — and features a variety of different musicians. The Aug. 30 edition of Towermusic will feature a performance by musician Silver Sepp.

Saturday, Sept. 3 - Sunday, Sept. 4

New World Neighborhood Festival 2016

Uus Maailm neighborhood, Tallinn

This festival brings together friends and inhabitants of Tallinn's Uus Maailm, or New World, neighborhood for a two-day festival full of music, food, craftsmen of all kinds as well as other lovely surprises.

Estonian National Opera Theater Market

Estonian National Opera, Tallinn

The Estonian National Opera will kick off its upcoming season with a two-day festival that will introduce the new season's productions as well as offer various other theater-related treats.

Ongoing - Dec. 31, 2025

Computer Museum – permanent exhibition

Computer Museum, Tallinn

Their collection features many interesting objects ranging from desktop, portable and pocket computers to terminals, components, calculators, software and books. Visit them if you want to explore computing history or play old computer games.

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