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In the second round of the presidential election in the Riigikogu, Siim Kallas got the 45 votes he could expect from Reform and the Social Democrats, Center’s Mailis Reps got 32, and IRL and Free Party candidate Allar Jõks came in last with 21 votes. The election continues today Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. with a runoff between Kallas and Reps.

After five Reform MPs didn’t toe the party line in the first voting round on Tuesday, there were plenty of rumors going around how the different groups in the Riigikogu might behave today.

In an interview with Tallinna TV, deputy chairman of EKRE’s parliamentary group, Henn Põlluaas, announced that his group might vote for Reps. At the same time, another scenario making rounds was that EKRE wouldn’t vote for anyone, like they did in the first round on Monday.

Eventually, Mailis Reps got 32 votes, which is six votes more than the number of Center Party members of the Riigikogu.

Asked if his party had talked to EKRE the night before, the Center Party group’s deputy chairman, Jüri Ratas, commented that several parties had met and that it was very difficult to make guarantees to anyone at this point in the election.

Mailis Reps will face off Siim Kallas in the third round at 4:00 p.m. today Tuesday.

Siim Kallas got 45 votes, which makes it likely that both Reform and Social Democratic MPs followed the party line in this voting round.

Allar Jõks is out of the race as far as the presidential election in the Riigikogu is concerned. If this afternoon’s third and last voting round doesn’t produce a president, the task will be handed on to the electoral college, for which the nominating process will then start over.

As only the candidates of the third voting round in the Riigikogu are automatically candidates in the electoral college as well, Jõks would have to mobilise his supporters and find the 21 members of the college he needs to get nominated.

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