Võru County schools receive emergency school supply kits ({{commentsTotal}})

In order to help avoid situations wherein forgotten or missing school supplies cause stress or prevent a student from participating in schoolwork in the classroom, nonprofit charity Saagu Valgus ("Let there be light" in Estonian) put together school supply “first aid kits” for every school in Võru County.

Pens, rulers, compasses, notebooks and everything else that may be needed on a regular school day — these items make up the contents of each school supply first aid kit, from which teachers can provide children with a missing item if needed, reported ETV’s nightly news broadcast “Aktuaalne kaamera.”

“If they have forgotten or, as typically happens, your child tells you at night, after all stores are closed, that they need a compass for the next day — if the store is closed, or someone doesn’t have money either, or the store is far away and the child takes the bus to school, then it is good to know that there is a first aid kit at school from which the pupil can get help,” explained Saagu Valgus Võrumaa founder Piret Haljend.

The idea behind the project is to lessen school-related stress on children, to help raise their self-esteem as well as to show that learning does not have to be impeded by missing school supplies. Haljend noted that the kits were unconditional, with its contents available to any pupil that may need them.

“What is important is that schoolwork continues,” added Haljend.

The 20 boxes, assembled with the help of volunteers using money raised over the summer, will be delivered to every school in Võru County for the beginning of the new school year.

“In Võru County, [students] can no longer excuse themselves with ‘Teacher, I left it at home,’” said Parksepa Secondary School Director Ilmar Kesselmann.

“This is a pleasant surprise, although we have previously gathered and tested out similar things,” said Meremäe School Director Mainer Järvelill. “Nobody has ever left their homework or schoolwork undone because they do not have supplies.”

If any box should run out of supplies, Saagu Valgus in Võrumaa is happy to refill it.

The nonprofit plans to continue supporting the project during the new year as well, and hopes that other counties in Estonia will follow their lead.

Editor: Editor: Aili Sarapik

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