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On Thursday, Sept. 1, an Estonian street art exhibit titled "From Estonia with Love" will open in the northeastern French city of Strasbourg. The exhibit at La Popartiserie, an art gallery specializing in street art, will include works by Estonian street artists Sänk, Edward von Lõngus, Kairo, Viktor Gurov, Pheriskoop and members of the EKS Crew, and is a part of the cultural program of the Estonian presidency of the Council of Europe.

According to Erwann Briand, founder and director of La Popartiserie, located in the historical heart of Strasbourg, their mission is to constantly offer their public something fresh, and he is eagerly anticipating the opening of this exhibit.

"Just a few months ago we didn't know anything about Estonian street art," admitted Briand, saying that what they discovered in working on putting together the exhibit was rich and stylistically varied. "Among the street artists chosen are those whose works could be found in New York or Berlin, but also those whose works include elements that are heavily ethnic and tied to the country's customs and history."

Artists participating in the exhibition were chosen by the gallery.

According to the artist Sänk, the exhibit to be opened is an opportunity to introduce Estonian culture with the help of street art. "Our field in this area is not spectacularly fertile, but the quality of the creative work is high," he explained. "Estonia is only just beginning to appreciate street art."

The opening of the exhibit will be preceded by a street art-themed public debate, in which Estonian artists Sänk and Edward von Lõngus themselves will be participating.

Sänk added that many talented artists were unfortunately left out of this exhibit. "Nonetheless I am honored to represent Estonia at the street art exhibit in Strasbourg, and together with Lõngus we will surely leave a proper splash of paint behind us."

A joint effort between La Popartiserie and the Estonian Ministry of Culture, "From Estonia with Love" will run from Sept. 1-28.

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