Estonia rental for electoral college vote to cost 4,000€ ({{commentsTotal}})

Rental of the Estonia Concert Hall for the electoral college elections on Sept. 24 will run the state nearly 4,000 euros.

According to the contract signed with the Eesti Kontsert Foundation, the National Electoral Committee will pay 3,300 euros plus 20 percent VAT for the rental of the Estonia Concert Hall on Sept. 24. Included in the rental fees are setup to be done the night before as well as pay for the service personnel.

Should the electoral college not wrap up by 7 p.m., Eesti Konsert reserves the right to charge an additional 160 euros per hour.

The electoral college, which will consist of a total of 335 members, consists of all 101 MPs plus 243 representatives of local government councils. Local governments have until Sept. 17 to elect their representatives to the electoral college.

The presidential elections in the electoral college are scheduled to take place on Sept. 24 at noon.

Editor: Editor: Aili Sarapik