SprayPrinter delivers first spray printers to customers ({{commentsTotal}})

Tartu, Estonia-based startup SprayPrinter, developer of a handheld wireless printer, has delivered to customers the first of the devices originally scheduled to exit the plant in late July.

 "The first printers have exited our house; the rest are being completed at full steam," SprayPrinter co-founder and CEO Richard Murutar told BNS. According to him, all 300 printers of the first batch should be shipped during September. To date, approximately 10 devices have been shipped.

In February, the Estonian startup raised 36,000 dollars via crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, 60 percent of which was provided by US-based financers. At the time, 200 printers to be manufactured by the company were sold to said financers for 169 dollars apiece.

In July, SprayPrinter executives told BNS that the first batch of 300 printers was slated to exit the company's Tartu plant by the end of the month. Of these printers, 200 were to be delievered to financers from the crowdfunding round and the remaining 100 units to other buyers.

Established in October 2015, SprayPrinter is developing an innovative wireless printing device which communicates with any smartphone camera through an app which controls the painting proces. The device itself attaches to an aerosol spray can, allowing the design to be spray painted directly onto the surface of any wall.

The Estonian startup has secured investments twice and currently has about 20 shareholders. It expects to begin making a profit in 2017.

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Source: BNS

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