Tartu mayor: Estonia's EU presidency-related events should not be limited to Tallinn ({{commentsTotal}})

Urmas Klaas, the mayor of Estonia's second-largest city of Tartu, has asked the Riigikogu and the Government Office to consider whether events and meetings held within the framework of Estonia's presidency of the EU could be held in other places besides the capital of Tallinn.

In his letter to Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas and President of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor, Klaas said that, following preparations for the presidency, he noted several things that deserved to be taken into consideration.

"The chosen aim of using this opportunity to showcase Estonia should mean that meetings at different levels should not be restricted to only Tallinn," wrote Klaas, calling upon the Riigikogu and the state government to spread presidency-related meetings and other types of work to include Tartu and other parts of the country.

This way, the country and its potential could better be introduced, said the mayor, highlighting the symbolic aspect of such an approach as well — the Riigikogu and the Estonian government see the country as a whole.

"The presidency will be held by the Republic of Estonia and Estonia does not mean Tallinn alone," noted Klaas.

With its modern-day opportunities for and prior experience in organizing conferences, presence of universities and institutions of higher education, hotels and restaurants, world-level cultural establishments and leisure facilities, the city of Tartu is willing to seriously contribute to making Estonia's presidency a success for both Estonia itself and the EU in general, said Klaas.

Estonia will assume the rotating Presidency of the EU from July to December 2017.

Editor: Editor: Aili Vahtla

Source: BNS