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Flags of the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE). Source: (Rene Suurkaev/ERR)

The extended board of Estona's opposition Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) adopted a statement at its meeting on Saturday that, among other things, noted that it is not possible to avoid parties' political scheming in the Riigikogu.

"The first three rounds of Estonia's presidential elections proved convincingly that it is impossible to avoid parties' political scheming in the Riigikogu," read the statement by EKRE. "Rather the opposite — current election procedures provide all the conditions [necessary] for horse-trading, whose negative consequences are paid for by the Estonian people. Because of this, the Conservative People's Party of Estonia welcomes the passage of the presidential elections on to the electoral college. The electoral college does not replace direct elections of the president, but it is still a more democratic way than a parliamentary vote to elect the president."

The electoral college is faced with great responsibility — to prevent a convenient or easily manipulated president from reaching the residence at Kadriorg and avert Estonia's stagnation, the opposition party stated. If the country's key institutions were to fall into the hands of one political party or interest group, it would amount to the highjacking of the satte and pose a threat to Estonian democracy.

The president of Estonia must be a person for whom balanced development of the whole of Estonia is a matter of the heart, found EKRE's Extended Board. It is also essential for the future president to have experience with domestic, foreign and security policy. Of all the current presidential candidates, read the statement, EKRE's Mart Helme meets these requirements the best.

EKRE's Extended Board called upon electors to trust their conscience and back Helme's candidacy in the Sept. 24 elections in the electoral college.

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Source: BNS

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