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The experts at the National Reform Radar gave the summer progress of Estonia's national reform a D as the reform was marked by stagnation over the summer.

The college recommends continuing quickly with the reform, considering the beginning of fall a critical period in decision-making, reported ETV's nightly news broadcast "Aktuaalne kaamera."

National Reform Radar college member and CEO of Starman Group Aivo Adamson explained the stagnation of the national reform with, for example, the fact that the reviewing of state functions has been dealt with modestly.

He added that officials and the Minister of Public Administration offered the Government Cabinet a series of proposals of which only six were discussed, and that important things such as museum reform were completed, which is reasonable, but does little to help solve the state's key challenges.

"The main focus is that the population is aging, and how to finance services offered by the state," noted Adamson. "These are the crucial issues."

Decision-makers are advised to agree upon values which will not be renounced. For example, if the goal is to lessen the number of public sector employees, then the state should not begin offering services which the private sector can handle, such as in the case of the restaurant at the Estonian National Museum, said those assessing the reform.

The assessment college found that the activities of the Minister of Public Administration and his team are worthy of recognition, however they have reached a glass ceiling of sorts.

"It can be assumed that without their partners — without intervention of government partners and other ministers — apparently things will not go any further; the Minister of Public of Administration and his team alone will not implement this administrative reform," Adamson emphasized.

One of the college's proposals is to strengthen the entire coalition's role in the reforming of the state, as in their opinion this will only be possible if the prime minister takes responsibility for the implementation of the state reform and involves other key politicians.

The College of the National Reform Radar recommends continuing quickly with the reform, as if fundamental decisions are not made soon, everyone's attention wil thereafter turn toward Estonia's upcoming presidency of the EU, and then local and parliamentary elections, and the reform will go unrealized.

Editor: Editor: Aili Vahtla

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