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Marina Kaljurand (Independent). Source: (Siim Lõvi/ERR)

The team supporting Minister of Foreign Affairs Marina Kaljurand's potential presidential candidacy is now awaiting Kaljurand's own decision regarding how best to meet the public's expectations. According to team advisor Andreas Kaju, however, they have not been collecting the signatures needed to officially nominate her for the elections in the electoral college.

Today's Eesti Ekspress (link in Estonian) wrote that, based on an internet survey, prior to elections, Marina Kaljurand has the greatest support among council members in Estonia, followed by Siim Kallas.

Kaju told ERR's online news portal that for those who have followed Estonian politics and the people's preferences for some time, these results were to be expected.

"Electors are a representative sample of the Estonian population and of course trends in their positions are on average the same as those among the greater population," he noted.

Kaju did not cite any specific deadlines by which Kaljurand will announce either her candidacy or her decision not to run. According to him, the campaign team is now waiting on her decision regarding how best to respond to the expectations of the public under pressure to run for president.

"As far as I know, nobody is collecting signatures," said the campaign chief. "But Kaljurand's decision must certainly be based upon a realistic cognizance of electors' support of her and I believe that she has had to talk to a lot of people about this during the last few days — she has been written to and called a lot, especially during the past week."

Kaju added that during the past three months, Kaljurand's support among electors has increased the most — by a quarter — and such a positive trend is thought-provoking.

"That Kaljurand's support is relatively steady, and in combining electors' first and second choices her prospects are even better — in other words, those electors, whose first choice is someone else, may support Kaljurand specifically in the absence of their candidate in the second round," explained Kaju.

Following the Reform Party's decision to support Siim Kaljurand's candidacy for president, Kaljurand confirmed that she herself would not make an effort to collect the signatures needed to nominate herself for the Sept. 24 elections in the electoral college, but rather would continue focusing on her work as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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