Number of job vacancies exceeds 9,000 in Q2 ({{commentsTotal}})

The wood industry. Photo is illustrative.
The wood industry. Photo is illustrative. Source: (Pärnu Postimees/Scanpi)

There were approximately 9,500 job vacancies in Estonian businesses, institutions and organizations in the second quarter of 2016, Statistics Estonia announced on Thursday.

The number of job vacancies last exceeded 9,000 in 2008.

The number of vacancies in the second quarter of this year grew by 15 percent compared to Q1 and by 13 percent compared to Q2 in 2015.

The rate of job vacancies, i.e. the ratio of job vacancies to total number of jobs, was 1.7 in Q2, a 0.2-percent increase over the previous quarter as well as Q2 in 2015.

The rate of job vacancies was highest at 3.7 percent in the accommodation and food service sectors, followed by 3.5 percent in the administrative and support service sectors and 3.3 percent in the information and communication sectors. The quarter's lowest rates were recorded in agriculture, forestry and fishing (0.3 percent), water supply (0.7 percent), construction (0.8 percent) and real estate activities (0.8 percent).

The total number of positions and the number of vacant positions continued to be the highest in manufacturing and wholesale and retail trade. Compared to Q2 in 2015, the number of job vacancies increased the most in the real estate, accommodation and food service sectors as well as in electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply. Year over year, the number of job vacancies dropped the most in agriculture, forestry and fishing, mining and quarrying as well as other service sectors.

Broken down by county, 70 percent of vacant job posts were located in Harju County, including the the state capital of Tallinn, followed by 9 percent in Tartu County and 5 percent in Ida-Viru County. The rate of job vacancies remained highest in Harju County, at 2.1 percent, and was the lowest in Viljandi, Hiiu and Rapla Counties, coming in below 1 percent each.

Of the total number of job vacancies, 7,200, or 76 percent, were in the private sector, while the remaining 2,300, or 24 percent, were in the public sector. In Q2, the rate of job vacancies was highest in foreign private sector institutions (2.5 percent) and state institutions (2.1 percent) and lowest in Estonian private sector organizations (1.5 percent) and local governments (1.1 percent).

Editor: Editor: Aili Vahtla

Source: BNS