New education minister: Teachers’ salaries will rise next year ({{commentsTotal}})

Newly appointed Minister of Research and Education Maris Lauri (Reform) said in ETV’s “Aktuaalne Kaamera” newscast on Monday that education should receive more funding, and promised that teachers’ salaries would be raised in the coming year.

Lauri said that her goal was to raise teachers’ salaries to about 20% above the national average, up from currently some 10%. “This is certainly difficult, as salary growth has been decisively faster than expected, but we certainly will have to work towards that,” Lauri said.

She added that raising the salaries was part of the government’s action plan, and that discussions in the government were taking place based on this goal. She would take up the matter first thing in her first cabinet meeting, Lauri said.

Considering the importance of education, Lauri said that she expected more funding to be budgeted for her ministry in accordance with state budget increases.

The new minister also said that the restructuring of the country’s schools would continue. In her words, the country “probably” doesn’t need as many small schools anymore, and it makes sense to reduce their number and merge them.

“The fact is worth a look that we have plenty of part-time teachers, and suddenly they can work in two schools. The system needs to be made more flexible. But these are just initial thoughts that will definitely have to be discussed with other specialists.”

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn

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