Nordica: Temporary flight schedule changes due to technical problems, Berlin off schedule for winter ({{commentsTotal}})

Technical problems with two aircraft have forced Nordica to make changes to its flight schedules in recent days. In the longer term, the state-owned Estonian carrier will cease flying to Berlin for the winter season, which is scheduled to launch on Oct. 31, contradicting previous stated intentions to operate the route year-round.

"There have indeed been technical problems with two aircraft in recent days," Nordica Communications Manager Liis Veersalu told BNS. She specified that an Embraer ERJ-145 belonging to BMI and a Bombardier CRJ-900 belonging to Nordica are currently both out of service for different reasons.

"The latter has been restored to a proper state of repair by now and will shortly be returning to service," explained Veersalu. "Work on the BMI plane continues."

Some scheduled departures have been canceled as a result of the technical problems with the abovementioned aircraft, for which the company offers its apologies to passengers.

Berlin off future schedule until spring at earliest

"Nordica's winter flight plan is to launch on Oct. 31, and according to it, flights will take place to Amsterdam, Brussels, Kiev, Munich, Oslo, Stockholm, Trondheim, Vienna and Vilnius," Veersalu told BNS. "Indeed, this means that flights to Split, Rijeka, Odessa, Nice and Paris as well as to Berlin will not take place."

According to Veersalu, the Berlin route is not popular enough to operate it during the winter season. "We hope to introduce next year's summer season [schedule] in October already and it is very likely that Berlin will once again be among other destinations."

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Source: BNS

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