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After the success of last year’s Nordic Film Week, the Nordic lifestyle will be celebrated once again this year in and around Jõhvi with Nordic Culture Week. From music to film, craft to performance, the best of the region’s creative endeavours will be on show between Sept. 19 and 24.

Nordic Culture Week 2016 is a dual-purpose event aiming not only to celebrate the diversity of the Nordic region, but also to strengthen historic and cultural ties between Ida-Viru County in Estonia and the country’s Nordic neighbours.

A range of cultural events will take place across the County in Narva, Sillamäe, Jõhvi, and Kohtla-Järve as a way of reflecting the international character of the Nordic region as well as the uniqueness and depth of Nordic creativity.

Indoor and outdoor spaces will host exhibitions and films showcasing the best of Nordic life, art, and regional culture. Creative artists and performers from Lapland, Iceland, Finland, and beyond will come together to share music, jewellery, circus acts, and films, among other things. This opportunity for connection also provides a platform for discussion about regional creativity and the challenges and unique opportunities shared by Northern Europeans.

Nordic Culture week will be on from Sept. 19 to 24 at various locations in Ida-Viru County. The festival is organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office along with cooperating Nordic embassies and partners to promote regional and cultural sustainability.

The programme is available here (link in Estonian). You can read more about this event on the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office’s website.

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Source: Ars Baltica

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