Center Party planning rally outside of Estonia Concert Hall during Saturday's elections, EKRE cancels ({{commentsTotal}})

The Center Party and the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) each registered public rallies in the immediate vicinity of Estonia Concert Hall to take placed during the presidential elections on Saturday, Sept. 24. EKRE, however, has since notified that it has canceled its plans for a rally.

The Center Party's rally, registered under title "The Introduction of the Center Party's Views," is scheduled to take place in Theater Square from 10-18 on Saturday, police spokesperson Tuuli Härson told ERR's online news portal.

EKRE had registered a rally to take place in Tammsaare Park from 10-15 under the title of "The Beginning of the Local Governments' Campaign," but has since canceled their event.

EKRE representative Urmas Espenberg told ERR's online news portal that the event was registered at the end of June already, however they decided against organizing it and notified the police of its cancellation.

"We did consider it at the beginning, but there is no money for it," explained Espenberg. "It is a pretty big expense, and we do not find that it would be practical to organize."

The electoral college is scheduled to convene at the Estonia Concert Hall in Tallinn on Saturday, Sept. 24, for elections which are to begin at noon. The electoral college is made up of 335 electors, including all 101 MPs, who are tasked with electing the next President of Estonia to a five-year term.

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