Jõks nominated for president with 50 signatures of support ({{commentsTotal}})

Presidential hopeful Allar Jõks' campaign team delivered 50 signatures of support nominating him for president to the National Electoral Committee on Thursday afternoon.

His signatures of support came from 29 local government representatives and 21 MPs from the Free Party and Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL) Parliamentary Groups. Local government representatives chosen as electors who nominated Jõks included those who did not belong to any political parties as well as memers of the Social Democratic Party (SDE) and Center Party.

"While we ourselves did not set any numerical goal, I'm glad that there were so many people who gave their signatures of support," commented Jõks himself, noting that he had more signatures than rival candidates Marina Kaljurand and Mart Helme combined and that so much support led him to believe that he has a realistic chance of making it to the second round of voting on Saturday.

Allar Jõks was nominated by: Ago Keir; Ain Lutsepp; Aivar Kokk; Aivar Kustavus; Andres Ammas; Andres Herkel; Andres Metsoja; Andres Rõigas; Artur Talvik; Eerik Lumiste; Einar Pärnpuu; Einar Vallbaum; Enn Kirsman; Enno Eilo; Helikar Õepa; Helir-Valdor Seeder; Hille Tamman; Jaanus Põldmaa; Janek Jaansoo; Jorma Õigus; Juhan Parts; Jüri Adams; Jüri Kõre; Jüri Vallsalu; Kalle Muuli; Ken-Marti Vaher; Kert Karus; Krista Aru; Kristo Kesler; Lauri Luur; Madis Kübar; Maidu Varik; Maire Aunaste; Margus Punane; Margus Reinoja; Marko Mihkelson; Mart Nutt; Monika Haukanõmm; Peeter Kiuru; Priit Põdra; Priit Sibul; Raivo Aeg; Siim Kiisler; Tarmo Kruusimäe; Tiit Lääne; Toomas Tõniste; Urmas Paju; Urmas Tartes; Vallo Kappak; Viktoria Ladõnskaja.

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