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Scene from
Scene from "Italo". Source: (Courtesy of the Italian embassy)

“Italo” is inspired by the true story of a dog that was adopted by a whole Sicilian town. A stray dog arrives that at first nobody wants to have around. But ten-year-old Meno, who since his mother’s disappearance has seemed disconnected from the rest of the world, finds a friend in Italo.

The film, directed by Alessia Scarso, builds on the story of a dog that ended up becoming a whole town's mascot, treated more like a human being than a pet. With Italo, Meno gets involved in a series of adventures that teach him the difference between playing adult and truly becoming one.

“Italo” is shown on Monday as part of Kumu’s current series on contemporary Italian film. The series will continue with “La sedia della felicità” on Oct. 10.

Kumu Auditoorium, Tallinn
Sept. 26, 6 p.m.
Free admission

Watch the trailer:

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