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While Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas has said that the government has not been able to formally discuss the issue of appointing the new Estonian representative to the European Court of Auditors because Minister of Finance Sven Sester has yet to formally nominate one, Sester, who still supports Juhan Parts (IRL) for the job, has said he will do so once the choice has the support of all parties.

"There is an agreement in the cabinet that the Minister of Finance will propose [a candidate] that is supported by all parties — we have agreed not to vote on the matter," Sester explained when asked by ERR on Thursday why he had yet to formally propose a new candidate. "I have clearly stated that my candidate is Juhan Parts."

He noted that, pursuant to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, individuals are appointed to the European Court of Auditors who belong or have belonged to control authorities or are especially qualified for the office. Their independence must be beyond any doubt.

"I find that Juhan Parts satisfies these conditions," said Sester. "As a former Auditor General he is familiar with public sector auditing and has contributed a great deal to how it takes place in Estonia today. Two parties, the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL) and the Reform Party, support Parts' candidacy and discussions are taking place today to achieve a final consensus."

Presidential candidate Kersti Kaljulaid's term of office at the European Court of Auditors officially came to an end in May, however she has continued in her position since then due to the fact that the Estonian government has yet to reach an agreement on her replacement.

Rõivas said on Thursday that Kaljulaid will hopefully be elected president on Monday and that surely a new representative will be found to replace her at the European Court of Auditors this fall. He noted, however, that the government has been unable to formally discuss the matter because the Minister of Finance had yet to officially recommend someone for the position.

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