Tartmus: Who creates the city? ({{commentsTotal}})

A newly opened exhibition at the Tartu Art Museum ponders the question of who it is that creates a city. The exhibition consists of contemporary artwork representing the notable locations of Tartu and how the face of the city is shaped.

The aim of the exhibition is to look at the city from the point of view of different participating groups. The intelligent development of the urban environment is determined by the visions of various participants, their ability to maintain a dialogue, and to achieve cooperation.

The idea is that by understanding the possibilities and means to develop the urban space available to the city government, the real estate developers, and the citizens themselves, a better city can be created.

The exhibition also offers a map for the active resident, an overview of designs for public spaces, and shows architectural objects that have been integrated in the city’s context successfully.

What shapes the special atmosphere of Tartu is also addressed, with a glimpse of the mysterious corners and hiding places that have shaped the town over the centuries and given it its unique appeal. Also, 15 interviews are on display with the people that hold it in their hands to influence the shape of the city, including the architects and officials who plan the town, real estate developers, and citizen activists.

Curators of the exhibition are architecture historian Pille Epner and architect Kaja Pae. “Who Creates the City?” will remain open until 4 December.

This article first appeared on Oct. 4, 2016 on Culture.ee's blog.

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