The chair of happiness: Italian film cycle in Kumu continues ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: (Courtesy of the Italian embassy in Tallinn)

Bruna runs a beauty salon, but is chronically strapped for cash. When a dying client confesses to her that she has hidden a small fortune in jewels in the seat of a chair, Bruna decides to go for it.

Dino, a tattoo artist, isn’t doing much better. When the two collide, a quest for riches begins that has the odd couple hunt down the dead woman’s estate, including a set of identical chairs that were auctioned off.

The film is fast-paced, simple, and quirky enough to remain interesting throughout. You have the chance to see it at Kumu today Monday, as part of the museum’s series on Italian cinema supported by the Italian embassy in Tallinn.

La sedia della felicità (The chair of happiness)
Kumu Auditoorium, Tallinn
Oct. 10, 6 p.m.
Free admission

See the trailer here:

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