Homes, businesses in Pärnu County to receive high-speed internet ({{commentsTotal}})

Pärnu County is working on determining the internet needs of the county’s households and businesses in order to launch their high-speed internet project.

The Business and Development Centre of Pärnu County has launched a project called Digitee, or Digital Road, whose aim is to equip all households and businesses who need it with high-speed internet. The project’s initial stage will be dedicated to determining the need for high-speed internet, which will make it possible to improve quality of life as well as benefit business development.

"The goal of the Digital Road is to bring high-speed internet to every home," project manager Valdor Telve told to Vikerraadio’s radio news broadcast.

The cost of the service has yet to be determined, however. "It won’t be free," admitted Telve, who explained that the issue had been discussed and the connection fee may come in at around 300 euros.

According to the project manager, any individuals or businesses interested in joining the high-speed internet service must be proactive and indicate their interest in the service, which will soon be possible to do on the project’s homepage.

The Digital Road project was launched a month ago in cooperation with the Pärnu County Government, the Association of Local Authorities of Pärnu County and the Business and Development Centre of Pärnu County; it will involve all local governments in Pärnu County as well as Lääne County's Lihula and Hanila Municipalities.

Editor: Editor: Aili Vahtla