Vao center arson investigation discontinued unresolved ({{commentsTotal}})

Last November, an exterior wall of the asylum-seeker accommodation center in Vao was set on fire. Investigation into the arson was discontinued this week, however, as authorities were unable to determine the culprits.

While the active investigation had actually been discontinued in July already, surveillance proceedings which had lasted a few months longer were discontinued just this week, reported daily Postimees.

Despite the testimonies of dozens of witnesses, discussions with villagers, multiple expert analyses, the review of thousands of hours of video footage and other gathered evidence, investigators were unable to track down the culprits who set fire to the building in which nearly 70 people were sleeping at the time.

In the course of the proceedings, investigators were able to determine that the accommodation center’s exterior wall was set on fire with gasoline at 4:25 a.m.

Regardless of the fact that the building was surrounded by a number of video cameras, however, the arsonists were not captured on a single video recording.

Editor: Editor: Aili Vahtla