Enterprise Estonia claims back one tenth of support granted to Ilves' farm in 2006 ({{commentsTotal}})

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Enterprise Estonia (EAS) has claimed back 19,039 euros from Ermamaa OÜ, the company operating at Viljandi County's Ärma Farm, following the receipt of written notice from its owner, former President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, about the company not continuing the provision of tourism services at the farm which had received 190,392 euros in support via EAS in 2006.

Ilves informed EAS in writing about his wish not to use the farm developed with the help of EAS support for its intended purpose after Jan. 1, 2017. EAS filed the claim on the basis of a decision of its management board from March 30, 2012 to partially reclaim the subsidy. In said decision, it had been taken into consideration that Ärma Farm, belonging to Ermamaa OÜ, had paid host to numerous foreign guests and unofficial guests during Ilves' ten-year tenure as president of Estonia.

"Our claim was based on the previous decision of EAS' management board and took account the reasons why use of Ärma Farm as a tourist facility was restricted from 2007-2016," EAS Board Chairman Hanno Tomberg said.

OÜ Ermamaa received 190,392 euros from EU structural funds via EAS in 2006 in order to develop Ärma Farm as a tourist facility. The owner and official representative of OÜ Ermamaa, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, notified EAS on Oct. 10 of his intention to not continue observing Ermamaa's original business plan for the property, and paid back the required amount of money on Wednesday.

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Source: BNS