IMF delegation to visit Estonia on annual mission ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonia will be providing a visiting delegation from the Internationa Monetary Fund (IMF) with an overview of the development of its budgetary policy as well as the state of the country's financial sector. The IMF delegation, which arrives on Thursday, is scheduled to remain in Estonia through Oct. 24.

At the center of attention at the delegation's meetings with representatives of the Estonian state and private sector will be the impact of the rapid increase in unit labor costs on Estonian businesses and their competitiveness as well as changes in productivity, reported the Bank of Estonia.

During the week and a half-long visit, IMF representatives will be meeting with government representatives and MPs, leaders and analysts from the Bank of Estonia, the Financial Supervision Authority, commercial banks and private businesses as well as representatives of several government agencies.

The four-member delegation will be headed by Christoph Klingen, Deputy Chief of the Poland-Baltic Unit of the IMF's European Department; Klingen will present an overview of the visit at a press conference on Oct. 24.

The IMF meets and discusses important economic policy-related topics with each of its member states every year. An assessment of Estonia's economic policies will be released by the IMF following its annual visit to the country.

Editor: Editor: Aili Vahtla