Care center in Koeru begins training care workers ({{commentsTotal}})

Elderly patients in a care center. Photo is illustrative.
Elderly patients in a care center. Photo is illustrative. Source: (Margus Ansu/Postimees/Scanpix)

In order to help alleviate a drought of specially trained care workers, Koeru Care Centre, in cooperation with Tallinn Health Care College, began providing its own care worker training to its employees.

There are currently 109 employees on the payroll at Koeru Care Centre, located in eastern Järva County, of which 40 lack the corresponding professional education. This is also the reason why the study group which kicked off on Thursday was made up entirely of the care center's employees, reported ETV's news broadcast "Aktuaalne kaamera."

The two-year formal studies of 18 of the center's employees will be carried out at work. Senior carer Ingrit Suur likewise signed up for the two-year program as while she did have previous experience in the field of medicine, she was only eight months into filling the role of care worker.

"As I work in this building as a senior carer, I guide my employees and they guide me," said Suur. "There is a lot of paperwork and of course I work with clients as well. I hope that I become smarter enough to know how to do my job even better."

"We get qualified employees; patient welfre improves," pointed out Koeru Care Centre director Rünno Lass. "And perhaps some economic savings will be seen as well through [the use of] proper practices and well utilized working hours."

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