Low water levels continue to affect ferry schedules ({{commentsTotal}})

Due to continuously low water levels, interruptions can occur in ferry connections between Sõru and Triigi as well as to the smaller islands of Vormsi and Prangli. On the Rohuküla-Heltermaa line to Hiiumaa, the largest ferry currently can’t be used.

Between Hiiumaa and the mainland only the smallest ferry, Harilaid, is currently moving. Departures depend on the conditions and don’t follow the published schedule.

Between Rohuküla on the mainland and Sviby on the island of Vormsi, the water level has dropped by 38-60 centimeters, which means that no heavy loads can be transported at the moment.

Shipper TS Laevad announced that connections on Wednesday will depend on the decision of the ferry captains whether or not conditions allowed them to leave port.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn