MEP Yana Toom nominated for Center Party chairman by Haabersti division ({{commentsTotal}})

MEP Yana Toom.
MEP Yana Toom. Source: (Siim Lõvi/ERR)

MEP Yana Toom wrote on social media that she was very honored that her party mates had nominated her for the chairman position in Estonia's Center Party.

"The fact that [my] party mates nominated me for the position of chairman of the Center Party is a great recognition and honor, but also a great responsibility," Toom wrote on Facebook.

"I am not only a member of the Center Party but also a convinced advocate of the ideology developed by Edgar Savisaar, therefore I am ready to justify the trust shown in me," she added.

Toom was nominated for the position of chairman by the party's Haabersti division.

The Center Party's extraordinary congress, where incumbent Edgar Savisaar and MP Jüri Ratas are already set to compete for the party's top spot, is scheduled to take place on Nov. 5.

Savisaar stated on Tallinn Teleivision on Thursday night that it was very nice that Toom was running for party chairman. "Yana Toom is a very strong candidate," said Savisaar. "I believe that there will be more of these candidates and they are all very dignified people."

Savisaar did not mention retracting his candidacy in Toom's favor, however. "I am in favor of Yana, but there cannot be two leaders — maybe we will take turns then," he suggested. "Right now I am the party chairman. I suppose the congress will show how combinations will go on."

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