Indian government approves prisoner exchange agreement with Estonia ({{commentsTotal}})

The ship guards arrested in India in 2013.
The ship guards arrested in India in 2013. Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

The Indian government approved an agreement on Thursday under which it would be possible to transfer sentenced Estonian prisoners to Estonia.

The Estonian government approved the prisoner exchange agreement with India at the beginning of July. The Estonian ship guards currently imprisoned in India cannot be brought to Estonia under the agreement for so long as they continue to appeal their sentences, however.

"News that the Indian government has approved the exchange agreement for sentenced individuals is positive," Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Jürgen Ligi told ERR. "Once we have received official confirmation from India regarding the decision, we will begin exploring possibilities for the signing and enacting of the agreement."

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also explained that the agreement will apply to all sentenced individuals in both Estonia and India; it will provide them with the option to return to their homeland to carry out their sentences. The decision to apply for this option will rest upon the sentenced individuals themselves.

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