Ernits: Savisaar manages own social media page ({{commentsTotal}})

Peeter Ernits, a close supporter of longtime Center Party Chairman Edgar Savisaar, confirmed that the latter's Facebook accounted is managed by Savisaar himself, who is likewise the author of his posts.

"I can confirm to you that Edgar is fully proficient in this art and his recent posts, including yesterday's, are most definitely written by him himself," Ernits told ERR on Monday.

"Naturally I am not responsible for all of these posts, but as a rule Edgar does this himself — and often [late] at night because he sometimes can't sleep then," continued the Center Party MP.

Ernits found it important to stress the fact that Savisaar was mentally stable and healthy.

In recent weeks, a number of posts have appeared on Savisaar's Facebok page late in the evening or at night containing glaring typos and whose use of language didn not appear to fit Savisaar's more eloquent writing style.

Editor: Editor: Aili Vahtla