Newspaper: Khodorkovsky’s Open Russia may meet in Tallinn ({{commentsTotal}})

Kremlin critic and former Russian businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s Open Russia movement might choose Tallinn to hold a congress, daily Postimees wrote on Tuesday.

Open Russia was currently preparing its founding congress to decide which form and structure it should take to participate in Russian politics and elections in the future, to fight against Russian president Vladimir Putin’s regime, its propaganda, and its corruption, Postimees wrote.

The Russian media reported that the congress, to which all founding members of Open Russia are expected, would be arranged in a European capital city along Russia, where it would be practical for everyone to come, including Khodorkovsky himself.

“I can say that the conference will take place in Tallinn, Helsinki, or Vilnius, but the location isn’t set yet,” Khodorkovsky’s press spokeswoman Olga Pispanen told Postimees. Pispanen added that the conference was taking place on Nov. 12 and 13, and that the place would be announced a few days ahead of that date.

According to Postimees, Khodorkovski has said before that he planned to have a meeting of Open Russia members in Estonia, but at that point named Dec. 7-9 as the most likely date. Back then, the location discussed was the Blackheads House in Tallinn’s old town.

Former industrialist and oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2005 as well as 2010 for tax fraud, misappropriation of funds, and money laundry. He was freed on Dec. 20, 2013, after president Putin had granted him clemency. Khodorkovsky and his family have since lived in Switzerland.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn