Ragn-Sells to liquidate used tires piling up in Tartu, Harju Counties ({{commentsTotal}})

The Environmental Inspectorate and waste management firm Ragn-Sells, who won the public procurement for handling the used tires, signed a contract to begin liquidating the used tires that have piled up in Tartu and Harju Counties according to substitutive enforcement measures.

According to the terms of the contract, work must begin on Dec. 1 at the latest, said Director General of the Environmental Inspectorate Peeter Volkov.

"The work will begin to be done in stages, beginning with the handling of nearly 900 tons of tires in Raadi," he added.

A total of over 20,000 tons of used tires are awaiting recycling in Estonia.

Substitutive measures, in this case, means that the state will arrange for the used tires amassed in Tartu's Raadi district and in Loo, Harju County to be recycled and thereafter claim repayment of the costs thereof from the businesses.

Editor: Editor: Aili Vahtla