Eesti Energia seeks underground mining technology with international public procurement ({{commentsTotal}})

Energy firm Eesti Energia announced a procurement for the purchase of the mining technology needed to begin longwall mining at the Narva Quarry in 2019.

In the couse of the international public procurement, Eesti Energia will purchase an underground harvester, a ceiling support system and the necessary support infrastructure for the harvester, including power supply, a conveyor system and a crusher.

The first stage of the procurement will be a call for the submission of applications for qualification, which may be submitted until Dec. 5. Applicants will be qualified during Q1 of next year, and following continued procurement activity the winner of the procurement tender should be determind by the end of 2017.

"Longwall mining will reduce oil shale losses to 5-10 percent," Eesti Energia board member Margus Vals explained in September. "Until now we have utilized the room and pillar method in underground mining in which we leave 22-35 percent of the oil shale below ground in order to underpin the surface."

In addition to the more sustainable use of oil shale, underground mining using longwall mining technology will reduce environmental impact as well, as it will preserve intact both vegetation and the general appearance of the landscape.

Editor: Editor: Aili Vahtla