Potential new government could change budget in Riigikogu ({{commentsTotal}})

Existing timelines would allow a potential new Cabinet taking over if Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas is ousted with a vote of no confidence on Wednesday to change the 2017 state budget bill in the Riigikogu rather than come up with an alternative bill, provided that the structural balance of the budget is maintained.

"Under the State Budget Act, the government must present the state budget bill for the next year three months prior to the beginning of the fiscal year at the latest," Minister of Finance Sven Sester, a member of the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL), explained to BNS. "We presented the budget to the Riigikogu on time this year as well, and we have also presented the draft budget to the European Commission as well."

The Riigikogu has already completed the first reading of the 2017 state budget bill and the deadline to file proposals to amend the bill ahead of the second reading is Wednesday evening. The Finance Committee of the Riigikogu is scheduled to discuss the bill on Thursday. After the Riigikogu has completed the bill's second reading, proposals to amend it can be filed only by the Riigikogu's committees and party groups.

Sester emphasized that a proposal to amend the bill must not cause a structural deficit of the budget, its increase, or a decrease of the structural surplus.

"For a proposal reducing income or increasing outlays, the party that makes the proposal must add a calculation indicating the source of the necessary amount of money," the minister added.

Editor: Editor: Aili Vahtla

Source: BNS