Center Party parliamentary group ‘united’, Toom would prefer coalition with Reform ({{commentsTotal}})

MEP Yana Toom (Center/ALDE).
MEP Yana Toom (Center/ALDE). Source: (Rene Suurkaev/ ERR)

Estonian MEP and Center Party leadership member Yana Toom would like a coalition with the Reform Party, she said on Tuesday, though the party had decided against it. Meanwhile, Center’s parliamentary group says it will work together and support a coalition they are a part of.

ERR asked Toom if a government coalition of the Reform and Center parties was completely out of the question.

Toom said that the candidates for the Center Party’s chairmanship had kept their options open already before the congress, so that nobody could say the party had closed the door on any of its options.

But Toom also said that she would consider a coalition with the Reform Party. It would be easier to work with a single partner. “But after discussing it, the other option remained — which is also understandable, people are plainly tired of the Reform Party,” Toom said commenting on current talks about a coalition with the Social Democrats and IRL.

Center’s parliamentary group says it will unite behind new coalition

Representatives of the parliamentary group of the Center Party said on Tuesday that they would all support a coalition that included their party, and that there was no harassment to be expected from those MPs close to former chairman Edgar Savisaar.

MP Oudekki Loone (Center) said that though they would certainly discuss things among themselves, but that if there was the will to see things through, it would work.

MP Heimar Lenk said that though he himself was center-left politically, and Ratas may be center-right, their general course was the same. “There is no basis for this right now, but there could be a moment where some things that are very important to the Center Party might not be part of a coalition agreement, for example property reform or a progressive income tax, and if those aren’t part of it, then of course we’ll speak up,” Lenk said.

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