Ligi: Trump’s election won’t completely change security situation ({{commentsTotal}})

Minister of Foreign Affairs Jürgen Ligi (Reform) doesn’t think the election of Donald Trump will suddenly change the global security situation.

Not knowing what to expect certainly didn’t make the situation safer, but there were no signs of agreements that would push the current security balance in the wrong direction, Ligi told ERR on Wednesday.

“This reset has been attempted repeatedly earlier as well, but Russia’s objectives and value judgments didn’t support it. And the USA’s security authorities are very professional, like Congress as well, which influences foreign policy a lot,” Ligi said.

Asked what challenges Trump’s election would bring to Estonia’s domestic and foreign politics, Ligi pointed out that this was a question concerning all of Europe and transatlantic cooperation, not just Estonia, though for Estonia as a border country doubtlessly a more urgent one. The current lack of clarity was an issue, but there was a positive note as well.

The campaign had been unprecedentedly entertaining on both sides, Ligi said, and there had been reason to fear that the U.S. might scale back their involvement in Europe in the case of both candidates. Europe needed to do more, just as Estonia was already doing it, and it agreed with Trump in that matter.

Ligi, who is leaving office together with Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas (Reform), said that Estonia’s foreign and security politics needed to remain open and grounded.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn