Poll: 68% of Estonians see Rail Baltic as positive ({{commentsTotal}})

A recent poll showed that 68% of Estonian residents see the construction of Rail Baltic as positive. The railway connecting Tallinn with Warsaw met similarly high approval in a poll a year ago.

Only 17% of respondents expect the project to have a negative impact. 16% said they couldn’t say.

Positive opinions were spread evenly among regional and educational segments. Slightly more than a third of respondents found that the project actually coming to pass had become more likely over the past two years. Almost a quarter said that it had become less likely.

Asked to name factors that undermined their faith in the project's success the most, respondents most often listed doubts about its feasibility, problems with the acquisition of land, and environmental issues.

People named economic development and freight transport, a connection with Europe cheaper than air transport, and a fast connection with Europe as their most important expectation to the project.

The survey was commissioned by OÜ Rail Baltic and carried out by conducting online interviews with 1,000 people across Estonia. According to pollster Faktum & Ariko, support for the project was as high in a similar survey in 2015.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn

Source: BNS