Finnish police chief proposes assistant officer system similar to Estonia's ({{commentsTotal}})

Using Estonia’s system of assistant police officers as an example. National Police Commissioner of Finland Seppo Kolehmainen has proposed that volunteers could be involved in supporting law enforcement officers in Finland as well.

In Kolehmainen’s opinion, assistant police officers could be used in crisis situations or for maintaining order at large public events, for example, Finnish paper Hämeen Sanomat reported Lännen Media as saying.

The Finnish police chief noted that he would refer to these additional forces not as supplemental police (täydennyspoliisi) but rather as preparedness police (varautumispoliisi).

"In Estonia they have precise law-based rights and obligations," Kolehmainen cited as an example.

The police chief stressed that such supplemental forces would not be meant to replace professional police officers but rather help support the existing law enforcement system.

Kolehmainen also expressed concern in his interview that police resources were weakening in Finland.

Editor: Editor: Aili Vahtla