Hanso: U.S. Senate is dedicated to NATO ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian Minister of Defence Hannes Hanso (SDE).
Estonian Minister of Defence Hannes Hanso (SDE). Source: (TASS/Scanpix)

Minister of Defence Hannes Hanso (SDE), who is currently on a working visit to the United States, confirmed on Friday that U.S. senators think NATO plays a key role in North-American and European security.

Hanso said in Washington’s Capitol after a meeting with senators that he got confirmation that president-elect Donald Trump would be surrounded by people who understood NATO’s key role. NATO had been, was, and would be the guarantor of Estonia’s security.

The attitude, though, had also been that Europe needed to invest more in its own security. To Estonia, this was self-evident, Hanso said.

At his meeting with senators, Hanso discussed the importance of the American military presence in Europe. The Senate’s dedication to America’s allies was ironclad, Hanso said.

“Quite a few sources have confirmed that now that the elections are over, the new administration will deal with the facts in the world how they really are. President Trump will surely be surrounded by competent people with a strong institutional and professional background,” Hanso said.

In that sense, things were good, Hanso said. The things that had been said during the campaign shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

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